Consumption Sector

It comprises of companies specialized in the massive distribution of uniform products and services to a large quantity of clients. This is the sector that concerns the final consumer. The merging of wholesalers and retailers into one sector was the consequence of a great series of problems and common solutions that both parts face due to the massiveness and diversity of its products and clients.

Was created in 1981 and is currently the head office of the group. It represents the leading Spanish company in the field of beauty and direct sales. It currently operates in 13 countries. Read more

Company from the region of Extremadura which social objective is the distribution of natural gas via pipelines. Read more

This start up was created more than two years ago. It focuses on the research and development of a product capable of transforming the home into a smart space. Read more

Was created in 1991 and specializes in offering travels to companies and all types of customers. Read more