Legal notice


The present document aims at establishing and regulating the rules of usage of the  Website (hereby designated as “Website”) which includes the pages and contents owned by CRISTIAN LAY, S.A., also designated as CRISTIAN LAY that can be accessed through the domain and other subdomains.

Using the Website implies that the User of such accepts all of the conditions included in this Legal Notice. The User undertakes to read the present Legal Notice carefully each time s/he wishes to use the Website since these may be modified at any point.

2.- Ownership of the Website.

CRISTIAN LAY is the current owner of the present Website with registered offices located at the following address: Ctra. BadajozS/N 06380 Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz), Spain. Registry of Companies of Badajoz, Folio 32 of Book 253, Sheet BA-1753. Entry no. A-06017941.

Contact details: Tel.: +34 901 15 55 55, e-mail:

3.- Intellectual and industrial property.

The intellectual property rights of this Website belong to CRISTIAN LAY.

The reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation, complete or partial, of the content of the Website are not permitted unless these are for a personal or a private use. Otherwise these will constitute an infringement of the intellectual property rights of CRISTIAN LAY. Similarly the whole of the trademarks or other distinctive signs on any kind shown on the Website are also legally protected.

The unauthorized use of the information contained in this Website as well as the harm that may be caused against the intellectual and patent rights of CRISTIAN LAY, may result in the corresponding legal actions being taken and, if appropriate, the liability derived from said actions.

4.- Exclusion of Liability.

The content, programmes, information and/or advice provided on this Website are meant to simply guide the reader. CRISTIAN LAY is under no circumstances liable for their effectiveness or accuracy and is expressly exempt from all contractual or extra-contractual liability towards the Users. These will decide if those are of their interest or not.

Contents provided by a third party or company may be published in this Website and CRISTIAN LAY is not liable for the veracity and accuracy of those and reserves itself the right to modify the content of the Website without prior notice and to any possible extent.

Furthermore, it also accepts no liability in the case of possible damage and harm caused by the absence and/or the continuity of such Website and of the services offered via this particular Website.

CRISTIAN LAY does not guarantee the absence of any virus or other elements linked to the Website which may alter the person’s I.T. system. CRISTIAN LAY accepts no contractual or extracontractual liability towards the Users who may suffer any kind of damage caused by a computer virus or of any other cause of a similar nature.

CRISTIAN LAY accepts no liability for the services offered by others via the Website.

CRISTIAN LAY accepts no liability for the services and/or information offered in Websites linked to the present one. CRISTIAN LAY does not control or supervise the websites of others. We advise Users to act prudently and to consult legal conditions indicated on those websites.

Users who may transmit information to CRISTIAN LAY are liable for the veracity of such and must guarantee that it will not infringe on the rights of others nor that it will infringe on the law.

5.- Terms of Use for Users of the portal.

Access to the present Website is free. Users may have to pay for the Internet connection provided by the company contracted for such purpose.

The use of the Website of any harmful nature against CRISTIAN LAY or others or that may result in the

overloading, damaging or the impossibility of use of the networks, servers and other I.T. equipment (hardware) or products and I.T. applications (software) that belong to CRISTIAN LAY or of others.

In the case that a User may be aware of any Websites linked to the present one which contents or services prove illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or immoral, we would be very grateful if you would contact CRISTIAN LAY to inform of such websites.

6.- Personal Data Protection Policy.

In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 voted on the 13th December regarding the protection of personal data, CRISTIAN LAY , hereby notifies users of the Website that the data communicated through the web page via the various forms and emails sent which content is deemed personal, will be filed so as to provide the service requested, to answer any request and/or deal with requests made.

Users are liable for the veracity, accuracy, validity, authenticity, pertinence and reasonable nature of such personal information and the updating of such.

In those cases that may require filling in a form and clicking on send, this action will imply that the sender is fully informed and has accepted the contents of the clause attached to such form or of the privacy policy in use.

•    6.1.- Data supplied by a third party: in the case that the request may include data of a personal nature divulged by others, previously to its inclusion, the user will need to inform the individual concerned of the contents of this legal notice. CRISTIAN LAY is not accountable in case of any breach of the law.

•    6.2.- The collection of data of minors: it is forbidden to provide information concerning minors under the age of fourteen via this Website. CRISTIAN LAY is not accountable in case of any breach of the law.

•    6.3.- Safety measures: the data controller ensures protection safety measures -as legally requested- have been implemented and guarantees all technical means and tools have been used depending on the state of technology so as to avoid any loss, misuse, alteration, forbidden access and theft of the personal data provided.

•    6.4.- Obligation to secrecy: the user will benefit from the obligation to secrecy and confidentiality of those that will handle his or her data in his or her name. Without limiting the foregoing, the user must be conscious of the possible vulnerability of any communication conducted via a specific network.

•    6.5.- Rights of the persons affected: the user has the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose any personal data in compliance with the Organic Law concerning the Protection of Personal Data (15/1999) and the Royal Decree 1720/2007 by submitting his or her request in writing together with a copy of his or her National Identity document or Passport to the following address: Ctra. Badajoz S/N 06380 Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz), Spain.

7.- Commercial communications by electronic means: communications sent via email or any other electronic means will be those needed to proceed with the request formulated.

However, those permitted or authorized by the recipients will have done so in compliance with the legal regulation 34/2002 voted on the 11th July regarding Law on Information Society Services and Electronic, except as provided in the First Resolution of the new General Law on Telecommunications.

Opinions expressed in discussion forums, and/or comments made by individuals who are not linked to CRISTIAN LAY, will do so under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility. Individuals who take part in these forums undertake to use those in compliance with the law, the general conditions indicated in this Legal Notice and the moral values and customs generally accepted. Those who participate in forums will be liable to CRISTIAN LAY in case of any damage or prejudice that may be caused through their use thus infringing on the legal regulations and/or the current legislation. CRISTIAN LAY is not accountable for the veracity and accuracy of opinions offered in those forums and is therefore expressely exempt from any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility towards others. It is entirely forbidden to send any information or to share any opinion that may go against the current legislation and/or the rights of others.

CRISTIAN LAY reserves itself the right to adopt legal measures that it may consider adequate. CRISTIAN LAY reserves itself the right to accept and/or remove any opinion and/or user without prior notice and justification or compensation. CRISTIAN LAY reserves itself the right to modify the phrasing of these opinions so as to adapt them to the specificities of each forum concerned. CRISTIAN LAY reserves itself the right to place the opinion provided in the section or subsection that it deems most convenient.

If you think that any information available on the Website infringes on any legitimate right or on the current legislation, we would be very grateful if you would contact CRISTIAN LAY so as to act accordingly.

8.- Social networks.

CRISTIAN LAY can only consult or remove the data of fans and followers of our company or any other similar profiles on a restrictive basis that will depend on the configuration of the profile. Any modification of your data or restriction of information must be completed by changing the configuration of your profile or user of the specific network in question. By default you agree to the following:

a) The handling of your personal data communicated for the purpose of this specific network in compliance with privacy policies in use:







b) Access by CRISTIAN LAY to the information provided in your profile or biography, depending on the configuration that you may have chosen regarding your privacy depending on the network concerned.

c) Updates regarding events organised by us or comments made by use may appear on your wall or biography.

d) To receive information about our products/events.

If you wish to stop following us, you can do so by clicking on “I don’t to be a fan” or “Stop following”. You have the right to access, rectify, can or oppose at any time by sending your request in writing to the address mentioned above or by sending an email to the following address:

9.- Legislation.

The present Legal Notice is ruled by the current Spanish legislation and other international legal regulations.

In case of any question regarding the regulations stipulated in this Legal Notice or in the case of any suggestions or recommendations that you would like to make, please contact us via: