What we offer?

If you are in your final year of university and wish for CL Grupo Industrial to boost your career, we offer you:

• Internships paid according to the various agreements signed with universities and business schools.
• Training programmes that selected candidates will benefit from and which allow them to acquire the skills needed for their future careers.


At CL Grupo Industrial, we aim to select the best professionals for our various projects, businesses and companies. In exchange, we offer the following advantages that will convert our company into your best alternative for your future professional career.

Our team

CL Grupo Industrial increases its resources on a yearly basis. It also ensures that success comes from the results obtained by our own employees able to commit and reach objectives set.

Our DNA: passion, commitment, innovation, teamwork, trust and responsibility.

CL Grupo Industrial is your best stepping stone for your professional career. We are a company that consistently thrives to tackle new challenges and that values entrepreneurship. It is also currently growing on an international scale.

We offer you the opportunity to work in a dynamic and changeable environment that benefits from innovative tools. This experience will also offer you national and international mobility.

Ricardo Leal.

A stepping stone for your professional career

We offer you the ability to develop your professional career and the tools necessary to do so. We commit to developing the talent and the skills of our employees within the organisation. We create the best conditions to boost your capacities, skills and knowledge with the aim of continuously improving your position in our company.



Workers at CL Grupo Industrial are the most relevant asset in the organisation. Its success depends largely on continuous training that guarantees technical skills and needed knowledge match the strategic objectives set by CL Grupo Industrial.


Our yearly training programme for employees focuses on the professional growth of our staff. It is based on performance results and is conceived to strengthen areas for improvement and boost the skills we consider crucial for our business. We offer a wide range of specific programmes either on-site or on-line for different key areas of our industrial or retail sectors.


An international and multicultural environment

CL Grupo Industrial has converted its world expansion into one of its main objectives in the sense that mobility is key for professional growth as it contributes to living new personal and professional experiences that can even prove life-changing.


We care for our people

Your health and well-being are important for us. This is the reason that CL Grupo Industrial guarantees appropriate working conditions and that CL Grupo Industrial Saludable works to protect and boost the health of our workers as well as their safety and welfare.