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Who we are

CRISTIAN LAY started as a jewellery retail shop in 1981 in the historical town of Jerez de los Caballeros with the aim of reaching other regions of Spain and later, other parts of the world. Over the years its range of products has widened to beauty products and today the group holds a portfolio of various businesses converting it today into a holding consisting of Spanish companies that operate in the industrial field and which is currently called CL Grupo Industrial and which operates at an international level.


The group which initially specialized in the making and distributing of pieces of high jewellery as well as cosmetics and products of personal hygiene also operates in the field of corrugated cardboard, ethylene oxide, PET products, piped gas and renewable energies or home automation.

Companies with shares

Cristian Lay
Alter Enersun
Alterna Energía
Viajes Laytours
Gas Extremadura
IQOXE Industrias Químicas del Óxido de Etileno
Lilo Technology
IQOXE Emulsiones Poliméricas